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Vision & Mission


The vision of Ravathi Foundation is to identify existing schools across India to cater to needs of the economically backward classes. To give all the economically background students a quality free education [not just literacy certificate] and also provide free medical facilities. To take all of them along the journey from 1st to the college level. Along with the children, help the parents wherever possible to upgrade them from economic backwardness. To see in a decade students raise themselves as a well educated person with confidence. To give girls the empowerment to decide their future confidently. To sow seeds in these innocent children that there is only one face, i.e. HUMAN and should behave humane to all sections of society. To imbibe in them a sense of responsibility to their parents, schoolmates, the society in general and to become a source of help to all those in need. To self-respect and respect others irrespective of their age for their character. To capitulate them to become best citizens of our motherland, BHARAT. To continue in the same humane vein, identify a hospital adjacent to the school to give free medical aid to the school/junior college children, their family members and also to the needy. To continue to have a moving hospital [ambulance with normal medical facilities and medicines] to cater free to the old and very young living the villages in and around Kuppam with at least the basic medical help and take them to Government hospitals in case of major ailments and help them with whatever medical aid possible. We try to identify Government schemes and approach authorities to reach beneficiaries of children.


Our mission is to carry on the work by addressing the concerns of the children educating themselves in Government primary schools to the junior college levels. There are about 4000 children studying in various grades in schools and junior colleges, including vocational colleges, in and around Kuppam. The infrastructure sadly is very meager and in the circumstances the performances of the children is therefore expectedly dismal. The theme and scheme therefore is to see that these minimum and basic facilities are provided and then the students are motivated to do well in their studies [not exam alone]. The foundation put every effort that is useful to identified children for quality education and medication by facilitating with basic amenities