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What People Say About our Society

“Revathi Foundation is doing an excellent social service to the poor people and the student community in Chittoor district and especially in Kuppam Constituency.

It is providing uniforms , notebooks, textbooks and other requirements to the poor students of Government schools and colleges. It has provided 25 computer systems to the computer lab for the students of Computer science of Govt. Vocational Junior College, Kuppam through Abhaya Foundation, Hyderabad.

They gives training programmes to the students of Junior Colleges and Engineering Colleges on Personality development, Soft skills and Career guidance. also conducts awareness programmes on Child Marriages, Swatch Bharath , Cashless transactions, Traffic rules, Environmental Education, Ethics and Human Values , Law and Order to the students. Their services are very useful to the society. I express my sincere thanks to RamaMurthy sir for doing wonderful services to the needy.

Wish you all the best.”

“Permanent departure of a beloved ever creates unfathomed vacuum to anyone. The intensity of sorrow would be unbounded. Efforts to overcome it will also futile. Mr. Ramamoorthy has exception. His daughter Miss. Revathi’s destined demise made him to respond towards many daughters and sons by establishing “Revathi Foundations”. The new exploration to suppress suffering of an individual is igniting the spark in millions of minds. Perhaps, it is the authentic approach of life by Mr. Ramamoorthy. Being an employee of police department, he has generous heart to fill the bated hearts of youngsters with new hopes. Through Revathi Foudations, Mr. Ramamoorthy and his team including his son Mr. Divakar are in the yeomen service to society. He, himself a very wonderful mimicry artist, aimed at no mere entertainment by sheer enlightenment too. His social service activities like helping poor children in many ways, offers a new lesson to many minds. I hope, building a good society with noble thoughts and acts, Ramammorthy will bring new change among us and his daughter’s soul will find herself rest in peace.”

"Revathi foundation is really a great organisation that has been working all the time to develop the students. It has donated books, stationery, clothes, food and other necessary needy things to the poor students. It has undertaken several inspirational programmes to motivate the students and the youth. It has also published few inspirational and motivational books to improve the social and moral standards of the youth. I congratulate Sri. Ramamurthy Sir for his dedicated efforts in serving the society in the name of his beautiful daughter Revathi. ......Thankyou sir."