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            This charitable foundation originally started by Mr. Ramamurthy in memory of his deceased young daughter, aged 18 and because of cancer, it is set to take off in large scale and in diverse activities related to the students from 1st class to the junior college level. Because of scant infrastructure in the public schools [Government schools/colleges] and because the children/students cannot afford a better privilege of attending private schools on account of poverty, the standard of education among these economically backward people are very bad. Therefore to improve this situation, dealing with poverty has become the main focus of our social work as it is intricately linked with the idea of charity work. In much broader terms, modern social workers should be found helping to deal with the consequences of these and many other social maladies in all areas of the human services.

            The idea is to create a conducive atmosphere to educate and improve the efficiency of educational system. To facilitate economically backward students in and around Kuppam, a small town in Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh could educate themselves free of cost and come up in life. Ancillary and corollary to this would mean improvement in the lives of their families too and alleviate the poverty or they may stop the children from further education. Thus community development should also simultaneously be taken up.

            Community development would involve in activities to provide sustenance to the parents of the students first and then the community at large. It would involve promotion of training /lessons in cooking and sewing, pottery, basket knitting, and poultry farming etc for women/girls and sell the same to the families of the students and then to outsiders and make a living out of it. Provide for men like carpenters /painters/masons work related to the schools etc and improve their earning capacity. Provide local university teachers with training and skill in teaching the students with free lectures on a wide variety of different topics and to improve the general knowledge of the students. We could also inspire artists and young talents into practice and can give them encouragement with an art gallery to sell their painting or drawings. We could also organize art classes and exhibitions as well as developing a scheme where people could buy art reproductions to hang in their own homes and help in turn for the economic development of the artists.

            Local people could be induced to present songs, dances, games and food preparation skills associated with the different states which they have or could learn and not only recreate others but also may earn from gate sales. These could be encouraged by setting up stage and shamiana for the poor so that they can earn out of these events.

            The motive of all these programmes is for personal empowerment / women empowerment. Women empowerment would mean to stand up on their won feet, face life on their own and be confident to lead their own life at their own pace and will. This confidence must come from education and the assistance to develop their skills and knowledge to make women economically independent and lead a qualitatively better life.